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So what's next for America's most famous ex-boyband pin-up?Digital Spy rounds up everything we know about JT's fifth studio album so far.It’s the classic “road to redemption” narrative, and Spears has flourished.The 2016 Video Music Awards are on Sunday, and per usual, MTV is promising a crazy night.And with the release of brand new single 'Can't Stop The Feeling' on May 6, 2016, it looks like we won't have long to wait.Well, at least for the upcoming soundtrack, which he will serve as executive producer for.When it comes to female celebrities in the dating game, Taylor Swift and Lucy Hale take the cake.

The world that watched her breakdown has cheered her careful comeback over the years, as she’s had a slew of popular songs (her ninth album, “Glory,” is released Friday) and a hit residency in Las Vegas.

Here are three people you should keep an eye on during the award show, including Britney Spears.

(Nicki De Marco/The Washington Post) Timberlake has also continued his hit musical career (“Can’t Stop the Feeling” currently tops the Billboard charts) and is a huge pop culture force.

First he justified his standing as a solo superstar after leaving *NSYNC, before bringing Sexy Back to the charts a few years later.

Then he laid out his musical vision with perfect 20/20 clarity and a fair bit of brass twice over.

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He puts on a big nubby wool cap from American Apparel, which makes him look vaguely like a snake charmer from a cold climate, and begins piloting his gleaming Audi R8—a car possessed of so many blingy accoutrements that it feels like riding in a spaceship designed by Gucci—around town. “I figure I can go on like this until the end of the year,” he says, both hands on the steering wheel, driving slowly and peacefully, like a dowager in a Cadillac. The only job I have to do is promote the films that are coming out, and I’m really looking forward to that.” You’re looking forward to your junkets? “You know, where I’m at in my life, I’m alone and being in it, in each moment: good, bad, ugly, pretty—all of it, take it as it comes.” He takes a deep breath. The fact is, I look back, and I made a lot of choices because I felt I needed to be validated.

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