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She has played 16 seasons in the WNBA and made the All-Star team six times before moving to the Spurs bench upon her retirement. I've always been someone who did it uphill," Hammon said. I'm up for being outside the box, making tough decisions and challenges. At the 2016 NBA All-Star Game, Hammon became the first woman to be part of an All-Star coaching staff which is the first time in history itself.

Hammon became the first female coach to ever be in charge of a Summer League team.

She has had quite the professional life as a coach and a player. So, it looks like basketball coach Becky Hammon doesn't have a husband but might be married to her alleged girlfriend Brenda Milano.

She hasn't come out as a lesbian but has been allegedly rumored with Brenda Milano for a long time now. Becky Hammon and her alleged girlfriend/spouse Brenda Milano Becky Hammon, however, has good Hollywood level earnings and that is probably why she has been able to keep her personal life away from public eye. Becky Hammons was born in 1997 in the USA and she grew up and made a career in American.

If that’s the way they’ve liked to keep their alleged relationship, there doesn’t seem to be any reason why they’d make it publicly official now. Hey, it’s a tough game, and not every coach can have a winning record.

Brenda was the head coach of the women’s team at St. The Terriers actually never had a winning season under Milano.

Again, we’re not 100% confident the two are an item because they’re pretty much all business.

Becky is extremely busy with her new responsibilities as assistant coach, and she was recently drenched with water and sports drinks after the Spurs won the summer league championship.

While the rumor has been around for a few years, it now appears to be official that Brenda Milano, the former basketball coach at St. As you can see in the above pictures, the two no longer hesitate to be photographed together — although this is still a rumor because neither lady has confirmed it.Becky broke the trend of hiring only masculine gender as a coach that had been running for decades.Usually, sports franchises avoided women's participation in coaching assignments.During the WNBA season off Hammons plays for the CSKA team in Moscow.She got a 3-year extension, her salary was tripled and she was announced a potential national team member in 2008.

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