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To ensure you have the latest version, check SDK Manager for updates.When you create an Android Wear virtual device in the AVD manager, a target API Level lower than 19 may be selected by default.When you install Visual Studio and related content like Windows Kits or some add-ons, most packages that comprise those bundles are reference counted to make sure they are not removed prematurely.Uninstalling Visual Studio and related content should eventually remove those packages (i.e. Contrast with older releases where almost everything was left installed because we couldn’t be sure which other products still required them. Some are packages that do not participate in package ref-counting – often those that we do not build.This may cause other products to function incorrectly or not function at all.

Also remember to override in custom management packs, and not the Default MP.Android SDK Tools is a component for the Android SDK.It includes the complete set of development and debugging tools for Android. The sections below provide notes about successive releases of the SDK Tools, as denoted by revision number.Updated: September 6, 2016The new home for Visual Studio documentation is Visual Studio 2017 Documentation on docs.You can run the installation application for Visual Studio as an unattended (that is, customized silent) installation over an intranet instead of from media such as DVDs.

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To resolve this issue, place the items marked “Selected="yes"” at the end of the Admin file.

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