Squier bass serial number dating

The neck pocket like this Michael Kinal guitar body.

Scenario 2 – the date is hidden inside a serial number Assuming you cannot find a date on the guitar, the next step if to find a serial number. It must be noted that not all serial numbers have meaning but in many cases the serial number includes date of manufacture and other information. Once you have found the serial number it is simply a matter of referring to a resource to decode the number/letters.

Die Squier Gitarren wurden ab 1989 nicht mehr in Japan produziert.

Hier findest Du die Serienummern Informationen zu Squier Gitarren, die nicht in Japan gebaut wurden.

The price does not include warranty outside the country of sale.

Serial numbers may be useful in determining the year of production of a guitar.

Die japanische Squier Die japanischen Squier Seriennummer kannst Du auf dieser Seite Fender und Squier Made in Japan MIJ Seriennummern Serials finden.

Accurate dating of musical instruments is a very easy and useful skill to learn.

Whether the instrument was found at a yard sale or a museum, there are several signs that can confirm the authenticity of an instrument.

The early '80s 'JV Series' Squier Strats were undeniably amazing value for money, representing as they did the premium Fender Japan product in Europe, at a budget price.

But not all JV Strats were created equal, and in my experience their appeal fluctuated quite markedly.

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