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Should a senior in high school be wary of getting into relationships with freshmen or sophomore students?

What about the freshmen and sophomore students—should they know about the possible consequences of their actions on others, and about their incapacity to consent?

To most, it is common knowledge that people who have reached the age of majority should not be romantically involved with minors.

But once you’re in, well, you’ll be IN, so to speak.

The rules now apply to all “persons subject to US jurisdiction", which includes anyone boarding a flight to Cuba from America.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that plenty of travellers flying from the US to the island are claiming their visit represents “Support for the Cuban people”, and are not being challenged for evidence to support that assertion.

Yet while the latest round of rules have made life easier for Americans, they have actually made flying from the US to Cuba harder for non-Americans.

Previously all you needed to do was to demonstrate that you were not a US citizen.

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