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Take Mad Men, where Betty Draper feels increasingly trapped in housewife Groundhog Day and turns to riding as an outlet and sanctuary where she calls the shots, away from her cheating husband.

In Sex and the City, Charlotte York embarks on a mission to overcome her fear of riding and ends up galloping away on her horse in Central Park in a metaphor for getting back on the horse in the dating game.

In 2005, the Gathering was based around Mount Dalton, near Mullingar in Westmeath.

This area was part of the ancestral lands of the original Norman D’Alton family.

Girl power Few things spell empowerment and control like riding, which is why horses often act as catalysts for character development and, more specifically, female emancipation.Penultimate Ten Minutes (complete)- Nominated at the Dramione Awards Round 6 in Best Heart-Wrenching/Angst category - The response for this oneshot was mind-blowing. When she returns, there are secrets she can't escape, truths waiting to be discovered & a past in need of redemption. Post Hogwarts, HGDM, COMPLETEHermione should have known better than to tell Fred and George Weasley about the Muggle tradition of birthday spankings.I think it made me realise that angst was probably my forte. Ultimate Ten Lifetimes (complete) - Sequel to Penultimate Ten Minutes. Years have gone by since Hogwarts and so much as changed for Hermione...a husband, children, and for some reason, she can't remember any of it. Her lovers have their own idea of how this should work.Depart for visit to Clonmacnoise, an important medieval ecclesiastical site, north of Birr on the banks of the River Shannon.Spend the morning viewing the excellent displays in the information centre and touring the site.

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Loss of Dignity leads to Love (complete)- Nominated at the Dramione Awards Round 6 in Best Mid-Length and Best Comedy categories - This story got an amazing response from readers and I'd like to thank everyone who read, reviewed and favourited it! What happened in the ten years past, & how did they get here? Pureblood wizards are becoming ill and the only thing that helps them is blood from Muggle Born wizards. The war witnessed Draco managing his way into the Order's fold & the trio's cramped boundaries. Lucius Malfoy has left a rather surprising will: if Draco works for Hermione for one year, both he and S. Hermione wonders where she went w Ginny Weasley is a charm breaker for Gringotts.

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