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Do you think, if we are always changing who we are based on new facts, can we ever sincerely invest ourselves wholeheartedly in a relationship? I've tried to look into this, to find a mold that fits 'me', with no luck. Are we really oblivious to others feelings or do we just not care that they have them? It we were all about the goal, we wouldn't move on.If our thoughts and perspective are always growing, how do we keep from out growing relationships? I honestly do not understand the emotional aspect of INTP. On the other hand, if we were about dreaming of possibilities without any real drive to achieve them, we would never reach competence.Sides, true infp dating real love and marry not only within their own date.Seasons matter in country to choose a perfect dating partner for free from your friends.They are known for being intellectual, curious, and logical. They live in the world of hidden meanings and symbols.They are constantly trying to determine underlying patterns and meanings that will lead to a future outcome.It will help the show and its ranking in i Tunes immensely!

They want to improve and innovate, problem solve and come up with logical theories.

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