Diana and eughon dating

house together to attend a top-secret concert held for a select group of fans in London last night.

"He has clearly fallen hook, line and sinker for Diana but she seems a bit more wary at the moment."They are both very young and perhaps a cooling-off period is not a bad thing."It seems clear that Diana still has a lot of unfinished issues with her ex Chris Jones, and Eoghan will be pushed into the background for now.It's the news he does not want to hear."Vickers has insisted she was not unfaithful to Jones, despite the widely-pictured kiss with her co-competitor from Derry, Northern Ireland. I'll tell Chris everything to do with me and Eoghan and I would never cheat on anyone in my life," she said.Despite denials that they're not sweet on each other, it seems that the pair have grown increasingly close, enjoying each other's company so much that they rarely seem to spend time any time with the other finalists. Ruth and Alex were good friends, and JLS have got each other.'And in a comment suggesting the teenager doth protest too much, he said: 'She's not my type anyway! Meanwhile, Diana also insists they are just good friends and maintains she is in love with her 18-year-old boyfriend Chris Jones, who travels down from Manchester every weekend to support her.Diana said last week: 'We're just like bezzie mates, like little brother and sister.

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