Dating guy missing teeth

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You don’t know anything about this person except that your mutual friend thinks, “you guys would be great together”, and that he/she has an affinity for dogs and works in finance.

So you put on your Sunday best, take a quick shot of liquid courage, and head off to a nice (but not too nice) restaurant to find out if the stars have finally aligned.

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In a recent interview, Dr Mark Hughes, founder and clinical director of the Harley Street Dental Group in London, comments on the importance of a good smile.“If someone has a strong smile, you feel they are a strong person and that is very attractive.It is becoming more and more culturally unacceptable to have discolored, missing and crooked teeth.” Similarly, according to psychotherapist and novelist, Lucy Beresford, our brains are hardwired to associate good teeth with youth.PS ~~ A gap in someone's teeth is NOT "bad teeth", it is a gap between their teeth.She was actually an attractive woman besides the bad teeth thing. As long as someone takes care of their teeth, I don't see why this would be an issue.

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Should I just not say anything and let him just find out? How am I going to be able to kiss him while internally I'm freaking out wondering what his opinions of my mouth gear are? but before we go any further, I’ve gotta tell you: I did, in fact, google “congenitally missing upper lateral incisors.” And then I googled treatments, retainers, implants, and any number of other terms related to your condition, and then I read some articles by orthodontists, and I looked at pictures of partial upper dentures. I never, ever want to see the inside of another person’s mouth again for as long as I live. Unless I’m missing something, I cannot for the life of me figure out how anyone kissing Are you dating a lizard? But the part where he very well may not even notice your orthodonture is just to put your mind at ease—because the answer to all those other questions is this: Your mouth, your body, your call. You can tell him that you wear a retainer, but not mention what it’s for.

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