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In 2005, Jessy Matador created a music and dance group called La Sélésao, which was composed of Matador, Docta Love, Linho and Benkoff.

In late 2007, they signed with Oyas Records before signing with Wagram Records in spring 2008.

The style is influenced by zouk, dancehall, reggae, hip hop, coupé-décalé, ndombolo and kuduro.

In December 2008, they released their second single "Mini Kawoulé".

Uber is being sued after one of its driver's allegedly beat up a passenger and then later showed up at his home to beat the dude up again, this time with a metal rod.David Riordan says he ordered the Uber ride home from a 2016 Christmas party in Chicago's Wicker Park.He says he was picked up in a Honda Accord by a driver named Munstr Abuseimi, who became aggressive, kicked Riordan out of his car, and then got out and punched him several times.After forming the duo Les Jumo (a phonetic way of writing Les Jumeaux in French, meaning The Twins), they found fame on the dancefloor in the summer of 2009, mixing lively zouk (coupé-décalé) with dancehall, hip hop, reggaeton and electro influences as well as a beat rhythm influenced by Culture Beat.Also known as Les Jumo Selesao, their greatest success was the single "Zoomer", produced by Junior Caldera and promoted further by a dance music video.

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