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SCROLL FOR PHOTO The suitor notes that he's currently listed as single on his W2 tax forms, which, you know, is always a plus.He also says he feels well-qualified for the position because he's laid back, likes to cuddle, has a tolerance for shopping, enjoys oral sex and has the ability to listen -- "really listen." However, the man also mentions he has "exceptional navigational skills," which means he'll probably refuse to ask for directions.College Cures is your one-stop resource for all things college!

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That's what one college student says happened to her after she wrote such a post.

A photograph of the priceless, typed-out letter has since been posted to Imgur and republished on Brobible.

A quick scan of the book will enable you to create your own transformation path.

Not your everyday culture adjustment or systems upgrade - which leave massive gaps in real life outcomes.

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C'est au choix un peu effrayant, agaçant, voire franchement bizarre. N'essayez pas d'être original quand vous lui adressez la parole pour la première fois.

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