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If we are going to write about interracial couples, we have to ask how it will advance us professionally.

So if we build a story around an interracial couple how much emphasis should we place on their interracialness? While they may be fictional they are based upon what we have seen and whom we know in our own lives. I write in the mystery genre, with a subgenre of the hardboiled detective.

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The Interracial Couple in the Modern Novel: Drawback or Opportunity for the Writer? If there is a huge readership clamoring for novels about interracial couples and we can write well, than we have it made in the shade. That is not to say we shouldn’t write about interracial couples. But how we do it and why are complex issues that must addressed.

Those of us in interracial relationships have a background that in American society is daily becoming more mainstream. The short answer to the first question is yes and no. For those of us in an interracial relationship, how do we use that relationship and its experience to develop our story lines and characters? And if we do use it, are we using it to our advantage or disadvantage?

I posit that society has moved far more quickly to an understanding of the richness of our lives than mainstream publishers and literary agents who remain socially moribund. First of all, let’s remember that publishers and agents are in the business to make money. How have we approached the interracial couple in our writing? How much time do we really spend dwelling on the interracialness of our own relationships?

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