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Walters called Jazz "one of the youngest documented cases of a child openly transitioning from one gender to another."At 11, Jazz checked in with Barbara again, saying she was taking hormone blockers to prevent puberty, and revealing, like pretty much every tween girl ever, "I want boobs."But after a big Katie Couric interview and a documentary about her life on OWN, Jazz really found her sparkle on You Tube, where she’s as frank and funny as ever, in webcam videos shot in her bedroom, answering fans’ (and critics’) questions about being trans (no, she doesn’t have a boyfriend — yet; yes, she could tell she was a girl as early as 16 months old and started wearing her older sister’s plastic princess heels when she was 2).

Those aren’t even her most popular videos: that honor, with over 1 million views, goes to one of Jazz swimming in the family pool in a mermaid tail, proving people don’t just follow her because she’s trans but because she’s the kind of girl who’d rather live . You’re the face of trans teens, but do you have your moments where you get down, and if so, why? I have so many moments where I feel really overwhelmed and stressed.

Ukrainian 16-year-old Lolita Richi joins the other wannabe dolls, Valeria Lukyanova, Alina Kovalevskaya, and Human Ken Doll Justin Jedlica in the latest disturbing trend.

Mermaids are just the most whimsical, mystical creatures of all time. Sometimes I wonder, "Will things ever really get better? " So I have this hiding place where I kind of just sit alone and I process everything. "RELATED:10 Things You Need To Know About Transgender People, Explained By Jazz Jennings Follow Michelle on Twitter.We got more than 6600 files available for download, thats more than 1.6 gigabyte of fun! You can find pictures, movies, sounds and misc filez, all got an x-rated sub-category.Ready or not, the next Human Barbie has hit the Internet and the world may never be the same.This site is only archiving and reposting pictures from sponsoring websites or social networks like facebook.com, and Most of the pictures found on can also be found on all of the sites listed above, as well as other portal websites of the same type, therefore the terms and conditions of all of those sites, and other websites of this nature, apply to 75 because said they do not portray conduct as specifically listed in 18 U. C section 2256 (2) (A) through (D), but are merely depictions of non-sexually explicit nudity, or are depictions of simulated sexual conduct, or are otherwise exempt because the visual depictions were created prior to July 3, 1995.

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